Trisomy 18
Precious Angels

January 2024

Presley June

“Our Presley June fought through open heart surgery, tracheostomy, and a g-button procedure plus a cleft lip and palette and more. She spent her first 83 days in the hospital followed by 8 amazing months at her home. Presley had so many amazing doctors, nurses, and therapists that were on her side cheering her on. PJ worked hard, learned new things, loved her family, and thrived with us for 11 amazing months. She loved Christmas, her family, going on walks, rocking in the chair on the porch, her glow worm, and most bath times. Her smile filled our hearts with so much joy. She was defying the odds and loving life when we lost her suddenly due to illness. We can’t wait to see her again.”

Angels, Presley June, Trisomy 18 Child