Thriving Thursday Submissions


SUBMIT YOUR THRIVING TRISOMY 18 WARRIOR TODAY IN THE FORM BELOW! Please keep the video content as short as possible to allow it the ability to be uploaded. (30 seconds or less, if possible). Please understand that your warrior may not be featured immediately. We certainly will give everyone their time to shine!

Our Thriving Trisomy 18 Warrior will be posted every Thursday throughout our social media and website. Once the week is over, we will archive it on our website and feature a new warrior. This will allow anyone the ability to scroll and see all the amazing Edwards’ Syndrome warriors that have been featured and how they are compatible with life! Furthermore, this is needed to change the perception of our children. 

We would love to show the medical community how well our Trisomy 18 warriors are able to thrive. One way to accomplish this task is to show how with proper therapy, intervention and support they can thrive. As a result, this is an exciting way to see our inchstones and milestones that are throughout the community. Altogether, we can work to inspire each other and our medical professionals. Our hope is to see this grow massive amounts and be a driving force in changing perceptions. Above all, they are compatible with life so let’s show off these skills to others and change these views!


Disclaimer: By filling out the form you are agreeing for the video and/or images to be shared on all of Edwards’ Syndrome Association social media platforms, promotional materials, and The Edwards’ Syndrome Association website.