Cards of Hope

We recognize the struggles that your child may face during tough times and empathize deeply with you. As a compassionate community, our primary concern has always been your child’s well-being. Therefore, we are delighted to introduce you to our Card of Hope program, a unique initiative specially designed to bring a smile to your little warrior’s face. Each card is crafted with care and attention to detail, delivering a personal touch that your child will cherish. Our team takes pride in ensuring the message is tailored to your child’s personality. The Cards of Hope program is a heartwarming gesture to let your children know how much they are loved and supported. We encourage you to register for the program today and help us brighten your little warrior’s day. 

Disclaimer: Cards of Hope can only be sent within the United States

Sadie, Trisomy 18, Cards of Hope

If you would like to have love and hope sent to your Edwards’ Syndrome warrior, friend, or acquaintance: