Therapy Network

Therapy is an immensely important intervention for individuals with Trisomy 18. It cannot be overstated how critical therapy with a licensed therapist, as well as consistent home plans, are for achieving positive outcomes. We are dedicated to utilizing our extensive networks and knowledge to assist you in finding the most effective therapy clinics and valuable home therapy tips for your child. Our goal is to provide your child with the best possible care and opportunity to thrive, and we believe that therapy is a crucial component in achieving this. You and your child deserve access to quality therapy resources and support, and we are here to help you navigate this complex landscape. Together, we can work towards improving your child’s quality of life and achieving their maximum potential.

Gunnar, 8 years old, working hard using the Lokomat Machine to help increase leg/hip strength for standing/walking. 

Gunnar, Trisomy 18 child doing walking therapy

Attention Therapists!

If you’re a therapist who’s experienced in treating Trisomy 18 patients, connect with like-minded professionals in our healthcare network. Reach out to us with your specialty and we’ll connect you with someone who can help. Join our Facebook group to chat with therapists who’ve treated Trisomy 18 patients or would like to.

Attention Parents!

Join our supportive community of caregivers and advocates on Facebook. We offer advice and insight based on our experiences. Together, we are ready to provide support as you navigate therapy options for your child with Trisomy 18. Don’t go through this journey alone – let us help you!

Emma Grace, 5 years old, working her hips and legs peddling on an adaptive bike


Mia, 4 years old, practicing standing during physical therapy

Mia, Trisomy 18 child, doing standing therapy

We are creating a therapist network for families with children who have Trisomy 18 across the US. Our goal is to assist with providing specialized care and support. Therapists will communicate, share tips, and work on challenging cases. We want to ensure families receive excellent care and peace of mind. Our team is working on a comprehensive network for families with medical complexities related to Trisomy 18. If you are a therapist interested in being a part of this network, please fill out the form below!

Therapy Network Form