Physical Therapy (PT)

Physical Therapy is an incredibly important type of rehabilitation that is centered around the development of gross motor skills, restoring the ability to move, reducing pain, and strengthening weakened muscles. It encompasses a variety of different techniques, exercises, equipment, and methods that work together to promote healing and recovery from injury or other physical impairments. For children with Trisomy 18, Physical Therapy is especially crucial due to the prevalence of varying degrees of muscle tone, which can significantly disrupt normal development and cause delays in reaching important milestones. By working with a Physical Therapist, children with Trisomy 18 can receive personalized treatment plans that target their unique needs, allowing them to make progress towards greater physical independence and improved quality of life overall. Whether through targeted exercises, specialized equipment, or other therapeutic methods, Physical Therapy is a crucial aspect of care for Trisomy 18 children and anyone seeking to restore their physical abilities.


  1. Therapy Bench (Various Sizes) – – Home Therapy supplies
  2. Stander – – Different Standers and Medical Knowledge for benefits of standing
  3. Gait Trainer (Various Types) 
  4. Creepster Crawler – – Creeper to assist with learning crawling
  5. Firefly Products – – Postural Support Products
  6. Upseat – – PT recommemded for sitting with proper alignment
  7.  Orthotic Braces – – Different Types of braces for feet, ankles and legs
  8. Wedges – – Home Therapy Supplies
  9.  Soft Tunnel Climber – – School Environment Supplies
  10.  Vibration Plate – – Knowledge of Vibration Plates with different options
  11.  Tumble Form Jett Mobile – – Special Needs Medical/Therapy Products
  12. Adaptive Bikes-, – Bikes that have been adapted for Special Needs Children