Bereavement Support

During these unprecedented times, our hearts go out to anyone who has lost a loved one. We understand that it can be overwhelming and difficult to navigate the process of arranging your loved one’s service, especially when there are specific conditions to consider. We have received requests from several families seeking information on Edwards’ Syndrome as they plan their child’s service and we are committed to continuing to provide this support. This support is in the form of bereavement brochures for the funeral services.

While the Edwards’ Syndrome Association does not provide grants to assist with funeral expenses, we would like to offer a small gesture of kindness by sending a meal to the affected family to alleviate any immediate burdens or stresses.

We would like to invite you to fill out this form on behalf of a family in need, or on behalf of your own family. If you are filling out this form for another family, please ensure that they are aware and comfortable with you doing so. Our goal is to show solidarity and support during this trying time.a