Therapy Toys

Our selection of therapy toys is designed to support the development of fine motor skills, cognitive abilities, and sensory processing in children. These toys are perfect for occupational therapy sessions and at-home play, offering engaging and effective ways to enhance your child’s growth and development.

Occupational Therapy (Fine Motor Skills)

**Shapes Puzzle:** This jumbo knob puzzle helps children learn about shapes and colors while improving their hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills. [First Shapes Jumbo Knob Puzzle (5 Pieces)]


**Poke-A-Dot Monkeys:** A delightful interactive book that encourages children to poke the dots and count along with the monkeys, enhancing their fine motor skills and cognitive development. [Poke-A-Dot 10 Little Monkeys](

**Wooden Latches Puzzle:** This board features several latches and doors to open, promoting problem-solving skills, hand dexterity, and coordination. [Wooden Latches Board]


**InnyBin:** An innovative toy that allows children to explore different shapes and textures by pushing them through elastic bands, fostering sensory exploration and fine motor skills. [InnyBin]


**Squigz:** These fun suction construction pieces can be stuck together and pulled apart, encouraging creativity and developing hand strength and fine motor skills. [Squigz Limited Edition (18 Piece Set)](

**Spin Again:** A mesmerizing stacking toy that spins as you stack the pieces, enhancing hand-eye coordination and visual tracking. 

[Spin Again](

**Mox:** A versatile and engaging toy that can be squeezed, tossed, and caught, promoting fine motor skills and imaginative play. [Mox](

**Spinny Pins:** These colorful pins spin when pushed, helping children develop their hand strength, coordination, and sensory processing. [Spinny Pins](

**Fidget:** Ideal for sensory play and fine motor development, these fidget toys keep little hands busy and minds focused. [Whirly Squigz](

**Pop Tubes:** Stretch, bend, and connect these tubes to create various shapes and sounds, enhancing fine motor skills and auditory feedback. [Pop Tubes on Amazon](

**Spike the Hedgehog:** This adorable hedgehog helps children practice their fine motor skills by placing and removing colorful spikes.

 [Spike the Fine Motor Hedgehog™](

**Peek-A-Boo Barn:** A fun and interactive barn that introduces children to different animals and sounds while promoting fine motor skills. [Peek-A-Boo Learning Farm](

**Snap-N-Learn:** These matching dinos are perfect for developing hand-eye coordination, counting, and color recognition.

 [Snap-N-Learn™ Matching Dinos](

**Wriggle Worms:** This fine motor activity set encourages children to pick up and place colorful worms, enhancing dexterity and coordination. [Wriggle Worms Fine Motor Activity Set](

**Twisty Droppers:** These droppers are great for practicing the pincer grasp and developing hand strength, coordination, and control.

 [Twisty Droppers™](

Explore our range of therapy toys and find the perfect tools to support your child’s development and growth.