Trisomy 18 Children

Welcome to our Thriving Thursday page!  We are working to show Edwards’ Syndrome/Trisomy 18 children who are living/have lived a compatible life! Each week we will add a new thriving child to our diary. Our warriors are compatible with life and they are working to show the world! 

If you would like your child added, follow this link to our submission page! We can’t wait to see what adventures they have been experiencing!

October 2023

Faith - Mosaic Trisomy 18 - 4 years old

Meet Faith!
She is 4 years old and has Mosaic Edwards’ Syndrome.
In the words of her family, “Many medical professionals had little faith in our girl, constantly reminding me of the statistics, throughout my pregnancy and even after her birth. She wouldn’t make it off the ventilator, she did, she won’t survive her first cold, she did, she wouldn’t survive past her first birthday, she did and then some! At 18 months, she was diagnosed with Wilm’s Tumor, 4 months of Chemo, during the worst of COVID, and a septic infection during that time. She received her final chemo on her 2nd birthday. Faith has overcome the odds again and again. She is now almost 5 years old, loves to be loved, and is an absolute testimony of the power in prayer and our faith!”
You are amazing Faith. Keep breaking every barrier!
Faith, Full Trisomy 18 Child

Maeve - Full Trisomy 18 - 6 months old

Meet Maeve!

Maeve has Full Trisomy 18. In the words of her family, “We are so proud of Maeve! She had heart surgery at 2 weeks old and spent 36 days in the NICU. She is now happily at home growing and working on becoming stronger! She does great with tummy time and loves her bottles! She is the most inspiring girl!”

She sure is an inspiration! We are honored to share her. Keep being amazing Maeve!

Fiona - Mosaic Trisomy 18 - 2 years old

Meet Fiona!
Fiona is two and a half and has Mosaic Edwards’ Syndrome. Fiona walks, talks, eats by mouth, breastfeeds, and thrives beyond her parents’ wildest dreams! Fiona was born at four pounds nine ounces and is now almost 22 pounds! She moves at her own pace and is taking the world by storm. Check out her TikTok page to see updates and learn more about her progress.

Maebry - Partial Trisomy 18 - 4 years old

Meet Maebry! 🩵
Maebry is 4 years old and has Partial Trisomy 18. Her family says, “Maebry has been improving in so many areas of her life lately. She has been making strides with her vision, eating, and using her arms. Her biggest accomplishment this year has been her head control, which in turn, has helped her to be able to stand! We are so proud of all that she has accomplished and all that she will do!”
Keep breaking those barriers, sweet girl! ♥️

September 2023

Gia - Partial Trisomy 18- 7 years old

Meet Gia!
Gia has Partial Trisomy 18. She will be 7 in November and is from Peru!
Her family says, “She does Physical, Sensory and orofacial therapy since she was 6 months old. The doctors in her country said she would not live for more than a year and that she was incompatible with life. She is here to tell us this is not true. She had hepatoblastoma when she was 18 months and she had liver surgery. She is doing great! She is a happy girl!”
What a superstar! 🩵🩵
Trisomy 18 Child named Gia

Paislee Grace - Mosaic Trisomy 18 - 1 year old

Meet beautiful Paislee Grace. 
She is one year old and has Mosaic Edwards’ Syndrome.
In the words of her family, “Paislee Grace wants to show the world that she is compatible with life and that she is thriving so well. She has overcome many obstacles and continues proving she is a warrior.”
We are cheering you on, Paislee!

Paislee Grace, Trisomy 18 Child

Felicity - Full Trisomy 18 - 7 years old

Meet Felicity, She is 7 years old and has Full Edwards’ Syndrome.
In the words of her family, “Felicity is a sweet little warrior princess who has defied so many challenges. She has gone from a wheelchair with full body supports, 100% tube fed, on O2 and monitors, and more; to walking/running/playing, eating completely by mouth, and only monitors when sleeping and sick. She has had many surgeries, therapies, and lots of prayer and love. The road has been very hard at times but worth every moment.”
Look at this Basketball star go!!!

Faith Ann - Full Trisomy 18 - 7 months old

Meet 6-month-old, Faith Ann!
Faith’s family says, “She’s the little mustard seed that has moved mountains in many hearts, especially ours! She has shown us more and more who she is and what she is capable of every day!
Faith was born at 3 lbs 9 oz and is now close to 8 lbs! She continues to progress in her breathing! We take short strolls with no O2 support and rock it! She can hold her head up, tries to talk back, uses her hands, and is full of smiles. Her opinion is known because she isn’t afraid to voice her opinion, especially if she is hungry! She can bottle feed (not the full amount) whatever she decides she takes, we celebrate! She was born with a few mild heart defects, she is reaching for the stars! Furthermore, she loves her siblings and is a cuddler! We are so very blessed to be able to share her with you all!”
We love watching Faith live her best life!
Faith Ann, a Trisomy 18 Child

August 2023

Ella - Full Trisomy 18 - 3 years old

Meet Ella!
She is 3 years old and has full Edwards’ Syndrome. In the words of her family. “Ella is beyond belief, despite her T18 diagnosis the only ongoing treatment she has is for being tube fed and for slow growth, other than that she is medically perfect. She is smashing so many milestones we were told she would never do, she’s the happiest little girl we know!”
Ella, a thriving trisomy 18 child

Charlotte - Full Trisomy 18 - 5 years old

Meet Charlotte! 💕
Charlotte is 5 years old and has full Trisomy 18. Her family says, “Charlotte is a sassy, yet sweet, warrior. After birth, she began her journey at home on hospice with no interventions but after a month old required hospitalizations and some tools to help her thrive. She then transitioned to home nursing and Early intervention. With the help of both of those, her specialists, and many tools, she was able to graduate Pre-school and will start Kindergarten this fall! She loves many things but her favorites include Bluey, music, being outside, and her grandpa. Charlotte continues to smile each and every day and show everyone just what a fiery warrior she is!”
She is absolutely beautiful! Go Charlotte Go! 💙
Trisomy 18 Children

Emma Grace - Mosaic Trisomy 18 - 5 years old

Meet Emma Grace
Emma Grace just had her 5th birthday this week! She was born with Mosaic Trisomy 18.. her mother was told she wouldn’t live past 6 months old at the maximum. At the age of 5, she loves riding horses, swimming, and learning new things. Emma participated in her first therapy intensive in June with PT, OT, and Speech. Since the intensive, she sits up, gets into short kneeling and crawl position all on her own. She is becoming more mobile and is working on taking off into crawling. This year, she will be in Pre-K and showing she is compatible with school!

Mila - Mosaic Trisomy 18 - 6 years old

Look at our Thriving Thursday Kiddo!!!
It’s Mila!!!
Meet Mila! She is 6 years old and has mosaic Trisomy 18. She is known as Mila the Miracle! Her mama says, “We were told she wouldn’t make it to birth, let alone 6 years! She is now 6 years old and thriving!! She is the strongest person I know! My little warrior princess!”
Look at sweet Mila, she is such a beautiful girl that is truly living her best life!
Trisomy 18 Children

July 2023

Mia - Full Trisomy 18 - 4 years old

Meet Mia!!!
Check out Mia using her eye gaze. She heard her daddy come through the door and knew he was home from work. Just like any typical kid! She immediately started to greet him and ask him how he is on her eye gaze device.
It is amazing what those with Edwards’ Syndrome can do when given the tools to be able to do it!
Mia will be 4 years old on Monday and the vocabulary she can use on her eye gaze is quite impressive!
The ESA will definitely be sharing more about augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) devices!

Olivia - Full Trisomy 18 - 2 years old

Meet Olivia!
Olivia is a beautiful, thriving 2 year old with Trisomy 18!
“She has overcame so much in those two years. When we were pregnant the first doctor told us that she would never make it. Here she is, two and thriving. She’s a joy to be around and just such a sweet girl.” – Olivia’s mama, Brooke

Did you know Olivia’s mama wrote a book for kiddos in the NICU and it can be bought here! Although you’re little

Her mom also started a nonprofit called Olivia’s Odyssey that is doing wonderful things for the community. Give them a follow.

Trisomy 18 Children

Sajjona - Full Trisomy 18 - 6 years old

Yay!! It’s time for #ThrivingThursday!
Meet Sajjona!
Sajjona’s mama says, “Sajjona was given 2 weeks to live “if we were lucky.” We were told to have an abortion due to no hope! Yet, here we are–five years & eight months later with our daughter. She does say words & can laugh, cry, smile–all things they said she would never do. She is living a full life where she attends Sunday School, 4H Club, Homeschool club, and has many friends. She blesses her family on a daily basis.”
Check out this amazing girl learning to walk!

Brooklyn - Full Trisomy 18 - 2 years old

Meet Brooklyn!
 It’s #thrivingthursday and we are so excited!
Brooklyn has Full Edwards’ Syndrome (Trisomy 18) and is 2 years old. This picture shows she is thriving! She is sitting indepentely in the grocery cart!  Se is compatible with sitting and grocery shopping! She is showing off all of her hard work of hitting those milestones!
Trisomy 18 Children

June 2023

Javier - Full Trisomy 18 - 2 years old

Meet Javier!

It’s #thrivingthursday and we are so excited!  Javier has Full Edwards’ Syndrome (Trisomy 18) and is 2 years old. This picture shows him thriving using his gait trainer! He is compatible with standing and walking! He works very hard with his therapist to hit those milestones!

Trisomy 18 Children

Alejandro - Mosaic Trisomy 18 - 2 years old

Meet Alejandro!
Our first #thrivingthursday and we are so excited!
Alejandro has Mosaic Edwards’ Syndrome (Trisomy 18) and this video had us all gushing. You’re going to need sound on for this and watch until the end!
We would love to feature your warrior on here!